Microsoft is disabling the option of Facebook login to sign into your Skype account in January 2018.

Microsoft believed that the move will serve to streamline all Skype logins via Microsoft services.

“Using a Microsoft Account will enable you to log in via single sign-in, unlocking all your Microsoft services — including Skype, Office Online, Outlook, OneNote, OneDrive, and more — in one experience, with just one password,” the company wrote on its support page.

“Currently, using your Facebook account to sign in to Skype is not supported on Skype for Windows 10, the new Skype for Android and iPhone, and the new Skype for Windows, Mac, and Linux.”

Here’s what you should do now

If you have been logging into Skype via Microsoft, you need to create a new Microsoft account or use your already existing Microsoft account. Now, you’ve to transfer your contacts from the Facebook account you were using to log in.

After that, backup your chat history (which is available on Skype for Windows desktop or Skype for Mac). Transfer your other important data such as your Skype number, subscription balance (if you have) and then update your Skype Manager account.

“If you decide not to transfer your Facebook account, we’ll automatically refund your Skype Credit and subscriptions. Skype Numbers and subscriptions will also be canceled after January 10, 2018,” said Microsoft.

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