Reported to be the lowest ranked team, Russia defeated Spain in the round 16 final. Spain which is ideally world’s favorite football team was eliminated from the World Cup 2018 3-4 shattering many hearts and spirits. Gazeta.Ru had implied that only a miracle could save Russia and yet here they are beating one of the world’s best teams to enter the World Cup quarter finals of 2018.

Russia has come a long way by an incredible match opener against Saudi Arabia which is deemed to be the next lowest ranked football team, by giving them a huge defeat 5-0. This was the perfect start to the host nations football opening match. After defeating Egypt in the next group match, it was Russia’s first time in the their football history to win two opening matches in the world cup tournament since 1966.

It all seemed like a pot of good luck stirring for the under performing hosts but their discipline and hard work landed them a tremendous victory against the gigantic 2010 World Cup Spanish champions when the Russian players put it all out their with their hard work.

Spain, like other titans Germany, Portugal and Argentina has flown back home along with our hopes and prayers.

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