Whether you are ready for some 90s memories or not, Nokia is all set to introduce its phone from the 90s.

After the Nokia Asha series, Remember the phone from The Matrix? Well, it jumped out of the screens into the minds of mobile phone creators of Nokia, in 2018.

Blast from the past:

It wasn’t like Nokia thought of re-releasing its old phone and see how the idea works. The tech-company re-released Nokia 3310 features, with better battery life and better camera. Contrary to mutual assumptions, the idea turned out pretty well last year.

After the successful re-issue of Nokia 3310 in Pakistan, minds working at Nokia decided to unleash another such phone this year at Mobile World Congress at Barcelona.

Nokia 3310; commonly known as ‘the-banana-phone’, unleashed itself at the Mobile World Congress giving the witnesses’ a touch of nostalgia.

Nokia 3310 in Pakistan – Old Phone, new technology:

Just like the release of bigger and better Nokia 3310 in Pakistan, this phone offers some amazing innovations. The 8110 comes with 4G, and more amazing applications including Google Maps, Facebook and Twitter. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a flashy operating system and users won’t be able to download other popular apps.

Nevertheless, it has a better version of snake game people!

The Nokia 8110 is all set to release this year in May in black and yellow. You can grab it in €90 (RM432).

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