Nokia and Zeiss- Reuniting to Reinvent.


Nokia and Zeiss are reuniting to reinvent the Nokia smartphones with Zeiss camera lenses. HMD is bringing back the lost luster it used to have years ago. The idea is to introduce superior cameras to consumers with Zeiss branding on Nokia Phones.

The home of Nokia phones- HMD hasn’t updated the audience about the timeline for the new Nokia-Zeiss phones. HMD revealed a trio of Nokia Phones but they don’t contain Zeiss-branding. Hence, it can be said that the future products of HMD will feature Zeiss lenses.

HMD has indeed promised to revive the new Nokia-Zeiss phones but it can’t be said that the phones will outshine than every other phone out there.

The HMD phones won’t feature the same experts who engineered PureView. Earlier, Nokia left behind when Apple hired the Lumia photography experts.

Hopefully, HMD will bring a major shift in the Android market.


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