Credits: Android Central

Now that Android Oreo is here, the time to evaluate previous versions of the operating system is here and it looks like the last one, Nougat, is taking the cake!

The 7th version of Android surpassed both Lollipop and Kitkat last year to become the second most used version of Android by users globally. Now, Nougat has taken over Android and become its most widely used operating system with over 28.5% phones currently running on it.

Credits: Android Central

Oreo, on the other hand, has performed poorly and below expectations with only 1.1% distribution. The cause behind this is blamed upon smartphone manufacturers who have been slower than usual on updating their phones with the latest operating systems. What’s worse is that many phone companies are exclusively allowing their flagship smartphones to have the latest version of Android whilst mid-range or budget phones have to stick with older versions.

Androids rival iOS, on the contrary, has been widely accepted by Apple enthusiasts. Currently the latest update, 11.0, stands on an impressive 65% distribution.

Have you downloaded Android Oreo or are you choosing to remain loyal to previous incarnations such as the Nougat? Let us know in the comments below!

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