The Gogoro scooter-sharing service in French Capital Paris, Coup, has launched the scooter rental service in the city. The plan was announced back in May, 600 Taiwanese company’s slick electric scooters are now available for rent in around the city’s center.

The scooter’s rent will cost €4 for the initial 30 minutes of riding, and an additional €1 for every 10 minutes of riding after that.

In order to avail the service, riders can download the Coup app (available on iOS and Android) to find and reserve one of the scooters. Basic insurance is baked into that cost, and riders only need a regular Class B car license (or an international driver’s license).

Paris is already a scooter-friendly city. Gogoro initially wasn’t talking much about scooter sharing. Instead, the company was focused on sharing the (easily swappable) batteries that power the scooters. Gogoro planned to build battery-swapping stations in each new city, and so riders would buy the scooters outright and “rent” the batteries, almost like paying for gas.

That unique model has effectively worked out in the company’s home Taiwan, where Gogoro has introduced more than 300 of these stations. Be that as it may, moving to an entire scooter-sharing model has helped the organization expand into new urban communities without expecting to build out nearly as much infrastructure.

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