Now citizens in China can report any leaks of military information or news reports that disrespect the armed forces or target the Communist Party (CPC) leadership.

The central military commission, which commands and controls the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), announced the launch of the website over the weekend, urging citizens to report information either anonymously or by using their real names.

“Illicit behavior includes falsifying a military unit or membership, publishing information that is harmful or insulting to the military, attacking the CPC leadership over the PLA, and using online accounts without approval or revealing a soldier’s personal identity,” the PLA Daily reported.

The reporting website is in tune with the “clean cyberspace” objectives underlined at last month’s 19th CPC congress.

“The purpose of the new platform is also to convey the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the CPC, create a better network management system, and maintain a clean cyberspace that is relevant to the military,” the report said.

The new website classified the tip-offs into separate categories — websites, new media, information that is harmful to the army, and irregular online behavior of military members, the report said.

Citizens have been advised to concentrate on news reports that share “illicit” information.

“Military information is most often leaked through news reports on research and meetings because of improper screening,” Li Daguang, a professor at the PLA’s National Defence University, told the state media.

Earlier, China has detained journalists for leaking “state secrets”.

The CMC also needs citizens to look out for civilians who pose as military officers.

“One Sina Weibo user named “junhuo hanmeimei” was investigated by authorities in December 2016, when she posted photos of herself in a military uniform, claiming that she was an officer,” reported, another PLA website.

However, the reports didn’t mention anything about reward or other incentives for those who report.

Notably, earlier this year, the Beijing City National Security Bureau offered citizens to up to $73000 for detecting foreign spies in the capital.

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