If you visit LinkedIn daily, you may have noticed a change recently. Some users are making and sharing videos, basically turning a career-oriented site into a more professional platform like Youtube or Facebook Live.

Following this primary testing period, the video feature will soon be accessible to all users. On iOS and Android, the LinkedIn application is getting a “video” button that will give you a chance to record another video or transfer one you’ve officially taken. The new feature will be accessible to many users on Tuesday, and the organization will roll it out worldwide the following couple of weeks.

The new feature will give users of LinkedIn a chance to share details of their professional lives in a way they couldn’t, the organization said.

When anyone tries to explain their jobs, “text cannot capture the work,” said Pete Davies, a group product manager at the company. But when you can record those kinds of jobs, he added, “we find they make for stunning visuals.”

In the beginning of this month, a NASA employee used LinkedIn to record a rocket launch. Last month, HotelTonight’s CEO used it to give business advice.

LinkedIn Native Video

There are many other online platforms where you can share your videos. The main reason to post it on Linkedin, however, is to share among professional people, said Peter Roybal, a senior product manager at the organization. Much the same as other posts on LinkedIn, you would share videos since you want them to be seen by your professional networks.

“Of course [users are] going to share content that is most relevant to the people they’re connected to,” Roybal said

Then, with the likes of Apple and Facebook allegedly contributing millions and even billions of dollars in original video content, one may think about whether LinkedIn is intending to take action accordingly. Davies didn’t rule it, yet said there’s not much in progress.

Technically, “we’re getting original content” already, he said.

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