The cases of harassment are increasing day by day, and we see numerous cases on media, especially on social media. Although street crimes have decreased, harassment in public places such as at the workplace, on roads and other areas is on full swing. Surprisingly, street bullying and harassment are no more limited to specific sex; both girls and boys become victims. Unfortunately, we barely talk objectively on such topics directly or through media. Even if we talk, we tend to mention girls only. Now, things are changed. Both men and women are attacked, robbed, bullied and even kidnapped in rare cases.

However, there are a few people who are putting endeavors for highlighting this problem and creating awareness among people. I recently attended a One-day self-defense session and I want to share the experience with my readers.

I got to know about the session from one of the friends who was in the organizing team. The session named S3D (Street Smartness Self-Defense) session hosted at the Hardcore Fitness gym in Bahadurabad Karachi. The event was sponsored by Activade; one of the finest companies that make energy drinks in various flavors.   Ibrahem Kushtiwala, a professional athlete, sportsperson and a fitness freak, hosted the event. The session was divided into a few segments. In the first segment, Ibrahem shared his success stories and gave a glimpse of what the session is about.  The other sections were based on practicing some tricks, strengthening the listening and observation skills. Participants willingly engaged themselves in activities such as ticking, punching, etc. one of the things I was inspired the most was this training session was not open for a certain gender or people of a specific age group; young girls, boys, ladies and teens expressed their active participation.

I especially enjoyed listening activity, in which two participants were directed to pick the bottle on Ibrahem’s instructions. We were supposed to close our eyes during the activity. We were instructed to pick the bottle while closing our eyes only when we hear Ibrahem calling us to do so. This greatly encouraged me to boost my observation and presence of mind.

The session did not end here! We all participants got gift hampers from the team Activade! We excitedly clicked group photos with the entire organizing team. We also got free bottles of Activade which we enjoyed there. In a short span of two hours, we not only learned self-defense tricks but also interacted with new people.

I attend several events, seminars and training sessions, but this was the first time I participated in an event other than my academics. So, I hope this blog will be a motivating blog for my readers.

If you also want to join such sessions or want to get guidelines, you can easily search Ibrahem Kushtiwala on social media and get benefited. Also, do not forget to grab Activade if you want tasty energy drinks in exciting flavors with fewer side effects. All you need is to stay active, alert and hydrated!

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