Starbucks is upgrading its wireless charging pads to support iPhone X and iPhone 8.

The reason why this has become a problem is that back in the day Starbucks introduced the wireless charging facility in its store by collaborating with the Powermat that supplies power solutions to stores and consumers. iPhones X and iPhone 8 support the Qi charging standard whereas, Powermat being the one-stop solution relies on PMA (another charging standard) which won’t be compatible with new Apple products.

For this problem to be solved, Powermat is going to roll out new charging pads that can support the upcoming Apple phones.

“As SlashGear notes in an interview with Powermat CTO Itay Sherman, the charging company’s system is actually an elaborate, cloud-connected setup, with each wireless charger linked into a central system. That means that Powermat can push firmware updates to in-store pads, allowing the company to add Qi charging without requiring that stores like Starbucks physically replace all of its chargers,” the Verge wrote.

Powermat hasn’t confirmed when it will launch the new upgraded charging pads but it is expected that it will release them as soon as the upcoming iPhones deepen its root into this world.

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