Heatwaves are hot enough to kill a living being. According to a recent study, the number of blistering heatwaves will keep on rising.

The recent study compares the data from the past and found out that if carbon gas continues to emit as it is at existing rate, 74% of the world’s population could be exposed to terrible heatwaves by 2100.

According to the team from the University of Hawaii, the rate can plummet down to 48% if we start to decrease carbon gas emissions in the air.

“We are running out of choices for the future,” says lead researcher, Camilo Mora. “For heatwaves, our options are now between bad or terrible.” She added that we’re heading in a direction “that will become increasingly dangerous and difficult to reverse”

From the data of the past, 783 heatwaves were picked out to determine the boundaries of temperature and humidity threshold where the heatwaves became deadly.

The threshold differs from place to place and depends on other factors, but the experts say people have died in temperatures as low as 23°C (73.4°F).

A human body needs 37°C (98.6°F), and if the body temperature rises, the condition can be killing.

Atmospheric scientist Daniel Mitchell, from the University of Oxford in the UK, suggested that there are other factors, other than climate change, that can contribute to death rates like city design and available medical support.

But he supports the new research, and says that the new study is on point and a good initiative.

From the findings, we need to put in our contribution today, and seriously cut back on carbon gas emissions and production of greenhouse gases.

The research team also put up a website displaying how the situation can get worse if temperatures keep on rising.



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