Okay, I’ll get this straight. I know the title is too promising and that you may have heard of other similar things all over the internet about glutathione products. But, let me tell you this: This isn’t some review coming out from sold-out fashion and health blogger but my personal space and experience with using NutraWhite. It’s my third month with these skin whitening capsules and I thought it’s now time to do a NutraWhite glutathione review.

There are many reasons why I am doing this review. Yes, the product has worked for me (more on this later) but what really made me open my computer and write about NutraWhite was to help others like me who had been desperately looking for a real product to help their skin get fairer and pinkish.

I know the struggle of trying different glutathione products and not getting the results. But after using NutraWhite, it gave me a lot of encouragement to write only good things about it. So here’s my journey that started with different creepy glutathione products and ended on NutraWhite.

My NutraWhite glutathione review

Before I start off with NutraWhite, I’ll brief a little about my skin condition. So, I was medium-brown before I started using NutraWhite. I had also tried some popular products like Vita White, Nutrifactor and Glutamax but none of them worked for me.

I spent around PKR 1200 on Vita White, PKR 4000 on Nutrifactor and PKR 4500 on Glutamax, so that’s a total of PKR 10,700 that I had already wasted. That’s why my hopes weren’t high when I decided to use NutraWhite.

About NutraWhite

So I bought NutraWhite from their website www.nutrawhite.co. I was actually very impressed with what I saw there. The webpage was gorgeous and I was completely in awe. I loved the green, gold and white color combinations that were used. And right where you land on the webpage, there’s a very clear, full-sized picture of the NutraWhite jar.

As you scroll down, you get all your questions answered without having to look around for them, like “What is NutraWhite?” or “Why Choose NutraWhite?” or how to use it, etc. The website slowly and carefully guides you as you scroll down. In one of the sections “Why Choose Us?” they have mentioned the major reasons why anyone should pick NutraWhite. One, that their product is enlisted with the Drug Regulatory of Pakistan as a registered herbal product, and second, that NutraWhite is a GMP-certified product manufactured on the international standards.

NutraWhite glutathione - Licence

There’s a common misconception in Pakistan that using only 30 capsules would do wonders for them. And the fact that all these glutathione supplements are extremely expensive, any people can’t afford the entire treatment. But that’s not the only issue. Most of the doctors who recommend their patients with glutathione capsules treatment, they don’t prescribe the right dose because that would just otherwise make the whole treatment unaffordable.

Let’s take an example. I went to a dermatologist in Islamabad and he sold me Glutamax capsules which I had to buy from his clinic. They cost me 4500 for 30 capsules. And he asked me to use just one capsule every day. But after spending the entire month taking just one capsule, I saw no difference in my skin tone. So, I went back to him and he said that I may have to use it for 6 months before seeing any visible change. I knew at that moment, either that doctor was a liar or the glutathione treatment was just a fad.

I had to find it out what was true!

So, I got down to do my own online research and that’s when I found NutraWhite. I was actually very strongly convinced just by visiting its website. But, I still had a few questions, so I decided to ask them from NutraWhite’s online chat support. All the questions were generously answered regarding NutraWhite’s dose and effects. They told me that I may have to use it for a total of 3 months or until I have achieved my desired skin tone and during that, I will be taking 2 capsules of NutraWhite with 1000mg of vitamin c daily which would start giving me results within the first two to three weeks of use.

Pricing – Multiple deals and great discounts

NutraWhite comes in 1, 2, 4, and 6 jars deals. I decided to order their Silver Plan, i.e. 2 jars of NutraWhite. These are the other deals that NutraWhite is currently offering.

NutraWhite glutathione - Prices

As you could see that NutraWhite’s 2 jars cost me PKR 4500 which makes it 50% cheaper than Glutamax. Plus, I could now take double the dose, i.e. 1000mg of glutathione (NutraWhite’s one capsule is 500mg just as Glutamax). There are also 2- and 3-month deals (Gold and Platinum respectively) if you want to buy more to save more.

Packaging and delivery

I received my order in very beautiful packaging. Because I had this in my mind that I am going to write about glutathione supplements one day, I did take the picture of my order delivered to me.

Here it is:

NutraWhite glutathione - Packing and Box

NutraWhite comes in a very glistering, glossy green PET bottle with a flip-top cap. The bottle sticker is also great with gold foil printing which is very rare for supplements found anywhere. In short, it was a 9.5/10 for the delivery and packaging.

Here’s a picture of NutraWhite’s PET bottle.

NutraWhite glutathione - Packing

The Results

I wish I could tell you my sentiments right now while I am writing this. I was tired of wasting money on products that were of no good use to my skin. I was at the verge of believing that glutathione is nothing more than a fad. But, since I am writing this NutraWhite review with so much positive energy, you guys may have gotten the idea that it actually did work for me.

As recommended, I took 1 NutraWhite capsule (500mg) + 1 tablet of vitamin c (500mg) after my breakfast which I usually do at 11 a.m., and the same dose after my dinner, i.e. at around 10 p.m. With this, I started seeing slight results in the first week of use. I knew it was a good sign. By the end of my first month, I could feel my skin tone improving by almost half a shade.

Overall Rating: 9.5/10

NutraWhite does work and there’s no doubt about it. However, it’s not rather their proprietary blend or anything else that gives the results but the guaranteed 100% pure glutathione that is without any starch, steroids or additives. NutraWhite complete three month’s treatment cost PKR 11,500 which means, a single jar is costing you only Rs. 1916, making NutraWhite almost 65% cheaper than other expensive glutathione capsules products. For its great skin whitening results and low price, I am happy to give NutraWhite 9.5/10.

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