In June, we revealed a leaked video in one of our blog, which showed that a Vivo smartphone being unlocked by an on-screen fingerprint sensor. Our blog received an overwhelming response by technoholics calling it a milestone in technology. However, the blog was not warmly welcomed by Apple and Samsung fans amid the situation where both the brands striving hard to attain this feature for their upcoming flagships.  Vivo, at the start of MWC Shanghai 2017 officially exhibited its all-new on-screen Fingerprint Scanning Solution based on Qualcomm’s tech.  Currently, no Vivo device with the fingerprint scanning tech is in production, but it will be showing the tech on prototype devices which indicates their intent to manufacture ’em in future.

The Vivo’s on-screen fingerprint scanning system is powered by Qualcomm technology, and the US-based telecommunications giant separately detailed its own display, glass, and metal fingerprint scanning solutions at the event using the Vivo Xplay6. Vivo’s solution can scan through 1200-micron thick OLED display stacks.

Vivo claims its feature is the first to be “demonstrated by a smartphone manufacturer.” The Chinese company said that “true full-screen display and an integrated unibody and mechanical waterproofing design.”

In a statement, the company said, “In Vivo’s R&D plan, fingerprint scanning will not be carried out by an independent button or region. It will be realised more subtly under the screen, behind the metal shell, or even in the frame.”

Vivo adds, “based on ultrasonic technology, the fingerprint recognition technology can be further expanded to realize user interaction, such as gesture recognition, security verification and other fields, which will greatly enhance user experience.”

“We are set to increase our technology capabilities and bring better products to our consumers. That is how we keep our brand’s competitiveness in the long run.” says Alex Feng, senior vice president of Vivo,

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