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It is important for women to work alongside men for a country to progress.

For any country to progress and develop to its maximum capacity, it is imperial that both the men and women work side by side to achieve this goal. In all the developed countries today, we can see that women and men stand shoulder to shoulder to work towards a common objective. Only when a country uses its prospective workforce to its fullest capacity can it expect to become economically and financially strong.

Pakistan’s indebted situation is a fact that is not hidden from anyone today. If we look at the numbers, we will find that Pakistan owes a tremendous amount of 33.3 trillion rupees as of the end of 2018. A prominent reason for these circumstances is that Pakistan does not utilize its resources to the best of their capacity – be it our abundant deposits of coal, oil, or gas or almost half of the people that live here. Sadly, though 49 percent of the country’s population consists of females, women only make up 24 percent of the labor force.

Though the female workforce stats are currently dismal, Pakistan is slowly adapting to the idea of women earning their own money.

Though it is undeniably a major reason for it, it is not only the uneven literacy ratio between men and women in Pakistan that is responsible for the fact that women make up only a measly 24 percent of the workforce. A lot of the other factors are also at play here. There are a million different causes why women who are highly educated and qualified to serve at high posts are left home while less capable men go out and are in hold of these posts.

One reason for this is the patriarchal mindset of a great percentage of the population today – which includes both men and women. Because of preset gender roles, men are expected to go out and make money while society deems women worthy of the role of being a homemaker. In a conventional household, men are considered to be the breadwinner for their families and be financially responsible for them while the women are supposed to take care of the house and raise children. However, with the world advancing and progressing, so is Pakistan.

Nowadays more and more women are encouraged to get out of their houses and become independent beings. They are persuaded to contribute financially to the household and earn their keep. With the increasing inflation in Pakistan, this is not only a way to get women out of the shadow of men but has now become a necessity.

Women are expected to manage jobs as well as homes

However, while the female population is being encouraged to work more than it has ever been in the history of Pakistan, they are not expected to be exempted for their household management chores. The woman of today is expected to work a double role. She is not only supposed to work a job and make money, but is still held responsible for all the household chores to a great degree. Even in the progressive and modern Pakistan, it is still largely considered a woman’s job to clean, cook, and look after their children as well as their spouse.

Mobile food delivery system steps in to offer a solution

Of course, doing so is a difficult task. Working women often have to compromise on either their job or their homes. More than a few cannot manage these without support. Mobile food delivery systems realized the plight of working women, came to their rescue and provided them with the ease of ordering food online. To support women in their decision to work and to lift some of the burdens off their shoulders, online food delivery has played a great part.

The advantages of ordering your food online

Not only the women that are bound by cultural and societal values to cook for and feed their families can benefit from it, but it also of great help to more privileged men and women of the society who are not obligated to cook but do not have the time. Working a full-time job leaves us tired on most days, and we want to come home to a cooked meal and relax.

With the online food delivery system, this has become easier than ever before. You can now order delicious, healthy and affordable meals from numerous restaurants by just visiting the app or websites. With only a couple of clicks, you can now avail online food delivery in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and multiple other areas of Pakistan.

By ordering your food online instead of having the traditional system of phoning a restaurant and placing your order on call, you save precious time. With not a single second to spare in this fast-paced world, people do not want to waste time being held up because the restaurant operator is busy on another call taking some other order. You want to place your order instantly and be done with it. Online food delivery system has now made it possible. Now, as a customer, you do not have to ring up the restaurant every time that you are hungry. This is an excellent advantage for people that have social anxiety as well. For a lot of people, it is a nightmare to call and talk to a stranger on the phone – even if it is something as simple as ordering a hamburger and fries. Such system exempts these individuals from having to place these nerve-wracking phone calls.

Frustration doesn’t knock on your door

How frustrating is it when you ordered a serving of jalapeno fries but were served with garlic mayo fries instead!  Another advantage of ordering your food online is that the restaurant you order from rarely mixes up your order. When you order online, you are choosing from a list of options available rather than narrating what you are in the mood of to an operator or a waiter. This cuts out the chance of the other person hearing your order wrong and getting you a serving of what you did not want.

Final thoughts

When you order online, you are bound to come across the promotional offers and discounts the restaurant you want to order from has to go. These are offers that you may not have been aware of if you chose to order online and did not ask about any deals. In this way, online orders save your money as well.

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