Our Love For Night Lights Has Deep Connection With The World's Pollution

Who doesn’t love the glittering lights in the night, sparkling in the environment? But ever wondered is all that glitter even gold? According to a new research, too much of the lighting in the night is actually causing harm to the world. We may are not aware of the fact but scientists fear that the earth is experiencing a widespread “loss of the night.” The root of the issue lies in the reliability we have achieved for lighting up our places. It is less costly and reliable now to light up any place in whichever way you want to. The problem is we are doing it unnecessarily, exceeding our needs to use the lights.

Jim Dougherty of the International Dark-Sky Association explained the matter well,

“People don’t want smart. People want more light. Humans are naturally afraid of the dark,”, but according to Dougherty, there are more things lined up to be afraid of if we keep lighting up the world with this intensity because it is bad for human health.

“If you don’t sleep in a dark room you are probably going to sleep more poorly, which could affect your behavior, your weight and we know that if we suppress melatonin production, which it does, melatonin is a powerful anti-cancer hormone, so there is reason to believe it is increasing cancer risk,” he explained.

Nasa satellite images clearly show that from 2012 onwards, the world is getting extremely bright with the help of artificial lights.

Nasa's Satellite vision of night lights
Image Source: YouTube


Scientist like Bill Nye are working with the organizations who have a clear motive to reduce light pollution. But the phenomenon can be hard to explain people who never thought about it.

“Think about it. Think of all the energy we waste by blasting all this light into space every night, but perhaps more importantly: we can’t see the stars,” Nye said. “When we don’t see the stars, we’re not aware of our place in the cosmos. We lose our sense of our place in space.”

The alarming extreme of our love for night lights is doing a clear damage to the world. But the question is, will we take the responsibility for darkening our future by lighting up irresponsibly?

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