According to a Gilani Research Foundation Survey carried out by Gallup & Gilani Pakistan, May 2019.

  “1 in 3 Pakistanis are hopeful that their financial condition will improve in the coming year; 60% think it will either remain the same or deteriorate.”

The financial condition of Pakistan is always a challenging question for both the Government and citizens. The country has passed through different events in the history of Pakistan. Employment issue always remains there in the tenure of each Government. It is said that 4 out of 10 Pakistanis are living in acute poverty.

Where is the solution? Who is going to provide opportunities?

Well if we say that only a politician or a single leader can bring change so this concept is wrong. We can prosper when each one of us will perform their duty honestly rather than complaining about the situation.

We have to be duty conscious rather than right conscious.

We know the present condition is not so good. The business is collapsing and High price fluctuation of imported products is observed. The dollar price is rising. To meet up these all these problem an integrated approach is required. We have to use modern technologies and learn from previous experiences. One of the most important required is change of behaviour from fixed mindset to growth mindset.

The new technologies have poteintial to restore the condition of the Country. We have to develop our skills by using the resources is very right way. According to a survey,

”Over half of Pakistani citizens own a basic phone, while 25% use feature phones and just 22 percent Pakistanis use smartphones.”


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