Approximately 50 people evacuated a Zurich Apple Store on Tuesday morning due to an overheated iPhone battery, which later started emitting smoke, police said.

It is not clear which iPhone was the reason behind the incident, which afterwards started to emit smoke, leading to the temporary evacuation from the store.

Seven people received medical aid that time, including an Apple Store employee who got minor burns while removing the defective battery, the Zurich Police Department said in a statement. No one at the scene required hospitalization.

“Staff responded well and correctly,” police said, by sprinkling quartz sand over the battery to contain the smoke and immediately ventilating the store.

“At the same time, there was a slight build-up of smoke, which led to around 50 customers and employees having to leave the business temporarily,” a police statement said. 

“The staff responded well and correctly. It sprinkled quartz sand over the overheated battery so that the smoke could be contained and sucked out after switching on the ventilation.”

The Zurich Forensic Institute is currently investigating the battery in question to determine the reason behind overheating.

Representatives from the Zurich institute and Apple Inc. did not immediately return SFGate’s requests for comment.

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