Almost every woman on this Earth will agree that nothing can be more painful than a heartbreak. What makes it worse is that one can find no cure for that, but now scientist may have found one.

According to a recent study, painkillers might help you with a broken relationship. Ibuprofen- the world’s most widely consumed painkiller has been specially specified as well in the study. The study is done by researchers of university of California who made volunteers play a game named ‘catch’ where others stopped throwing a ball to them, or they had to write about a betrayal by someone close. The study reported that women who had taken painkillers were noted to be in less pain and mental damage.

image source; Welldoing

However, the effects does not apply on men. The research reveal that painkillers dilute the sensitivity of women to feel pain while it works opposite on men, as it suppresses men’s ability to overcome emotions.

This study has been added to the journal Policy Insights from the Behavioral and Brain Sciences proving to be way more serious than imagined.

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