Pakistan is inaugurating its first school for the transgender community in Lahore this Sunday!

The school is all set to provide education and vocational training to the transgender community residing in Pakistan.

According to the latest news, the school is named ‘The Gender Guardian’ and will open its doors from the 15th of April.

This is definitely a historic move by Pakistan as the issues of the transgender community were on a rise since last year within the country and were highly debated upon.

This move came right after a private TV channel in Pakistan caste the very first transgender TV anchor named Maavia Malik.


Academic and technical education being offered by the school:

The school has been a project of an NGO called ‘Exploring Future Foundation’ that will impart academic education to the students from the primary level up to matriculation. After that, it will lead the students up to college. In other words, the school offers 12 years of complete academic education to the students.

With academic and vocational training, the school will also offer crash courses in technical education like hair styling, graphic designing, fashion designing, mobile and computer repairing, and many other.

Details about the staff of ‘The Gender Guardian’:

According to the founder of the school for transgender community, the school will initially have 15 specialized faculty members that will provide knowledge and skills to the students. Among the 15 members in the teaching staff, three are known to be from the transgender community themselves.

Will there be more branches of the school?

There is a high chance for the school to become a success as the transgender community, as well as the human-loving people of Pakistan were desperately waiting for this move.

The founder of the school, Asif Shahzad said that there will be two more branches of the school. One will be set up in Karachi while the other in Islamabad.

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