The tensions began in between the two nuclear nations since last year. Narendra Modi, the re-elected Indian president has always been harsh regarding Pakistan in his speeches and policy. But the tensions gained fuel after the Pulwama attack in Kashmir, on which India was quick to place the blame on Pakistan. Although the Pakistani government played its role to resolve the tensions but the fuel was added to the fire by the Indian media and government officials.

Indian jets unauthorized flew into Pakistan airspace and dropped their load near the border which did not cause any damage. This broke out tension amongst the border and as Indian soldiers acted again to fly into Pakistan airspace their plane was shot down. After which the pilot was captured but was soon returned back to the country as a goodwill gesture by the Pakistani Prime minister. But the tensions remained same between the two countries as Modi fueled the fire with baseless claims of attacks o Pakistan.

A person could assume that this would be to just secure a seat in the upcoming elections. As Modi was reelected the tensions remained constant as the Pakistani PM was excluded from the invitation sent to neighboring countries to attend the oath taking ceremony of the re-elected Prime minister.

Imran Khan ever since his election as the Prime Minister has been hopeful in improving relations between the two countries. To the point that he said ‘if India takes one step forward Pakistan will take two’ but all his attempts went futile as the Indian government refused all offers of dialogue.

With his negative policies against Pakistani and the patriotic approach in India, there seems to be no hope of friendly relation between the two neighbors.  One of the reactions was seen immediately as the pallet attacks in Kashmir restated just after the elections ended. Both countries seem to be always on the edge for a possible war and defend their respective countries.

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