Latest news tells that Pakistan can host a full series by 2020, after a successful Pakistan vs West Indies series occurred in Pakistan. It has sparked hopes of an international cricket revival.

The series against WI was accompanied by a wave of optimism, with enthusiastic fans braving heavy security checks to express their gratitude to the West Indies for the visit during a critical situation.

Karachi also hosted the final of the PSL last month. This is the biggest cricket event in the city which took place after nine long years. Yes, the 2009 attack on the visiting Sri Lankan team in Lahore drove international cricket away from Pakistani stadiums. Due to which, Pakistan had to host its international fixtures in Dubai and Sharjah. But with the security condition gradually improving in the last three years, PCB has been taking continuous steps to bring cricket back to the homeland. Sethi says the board has been receiving positive results and the board will host more PSL matches next year and by that time almost all the top international players from top cricketing nations will have played in Pakistan, hopefully. Afterward, their boards can be convinced to send national teams for a full series in Pakistan by 2020.

Sri Lanka was supposed to come in 2011, but an attack on a Karachi naval base derailed that hope. PCB then convinced Ireland to tour in 2014, but the trip got canceled after militants attacked the Karachi airport.

Bangladesh also declined tours due to security concerns, in 2012. In 2015 Pakistani anthem echoed at Lahore’s Gaddafi Stadium once again when the Zimbabwe players came as the first international team to return.

Heavy security was placed with around 30,000 policemen and military men on guard as the spectators braved heat and security checkpoints to see the first international match in the country in 6 long years.


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