Pakistan is declared as the ‘happiest’ country among all its bordering neighbours.

According to United Nations, 2018 report on happiness revealed that Pakistanis among their neighbouring countries, are the ‘happiest.’

The report was created after studying six factors:The result were based on these six major factors, income, healthy life expectancy, social support, freedom, trust, and generosity.

Pakistan is ahead of India in happiness:

As per the report by United Nations, Pakistan is 58 points ahead of India, which is its arch-rival. Citizens belonging to other neighbouring countries of Pakistan lack in ‘happiness’ as well, when compared to Pakistanis.
Our all-weather friend China is 11 points behind us, while, Pakistan is 31 and 70 points ahead of Iran and Afghanistan on the chart, respectively.
According to the report published in Dawn, The UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network’s annual survey report ranked Pakistan on the 75 spot among 156 countries. The ranking was based on six indicators: income per capita, life expectancy, social support, freedom, generosity and corruption.

This country is the world’s happiest country:

The report by United Nations, which declared Pakistan as the most contented country among its neighbouring countries, declared Finland as the winner.
United Nations report on happiness declared Finland as the happiest country.

According to United Nations Happiest Migrants report, Finland has the happiest number migrants as well.

The Nordic nation headed up the 156-country ranking, followed by last year’s winner Norway, Denmark, Iceland and Switzerland.

The report declared Burundi as the country with least content:

Burundi was placed at the last position on the ranking table of Happiness.
Pakistan was ahead of Bangladesh as well with 40 points, the country was ranked on 115.
Next from Bangladesh was Srilanka at 116 ranks.

The United States and the United Kingdom were in 18th and 19th place respectively.
Norway, Denmark and Iceland clinched the second, third and fourth position, respectively.

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