Pakistan is all set to bring the latest technology services to they country and is using artificial intelligence to improve system of video surveillance by announcing to introduce a facial recognition feature to it.

The Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunications (MOiTT) is currently working to develop a new system for facial recognition that will be used in video surveillance.


This Pakistan news was disclosed by the official sources at National ICT R&D Fund, now known as Ignite two days ago.

It was said by the official sources that facial recognition in video surveillance is one of the best ways to reduce all the security threats within the metropolis and in a country like Pakistan, where threats roam around in the air, this feature is very important.

Video surveillance along with facial recognition is at the moment, the best choice that can be used for security and safety purposes. With the increasing threats in every city of Pakistan, the need for this type of security system is inevitable.

The project is in the process and is estimated to cost around Rs. 13.84 million and is being developed under the name of ‘Design and Development of an FPGA-Based Multi-Scale Face Recognition System.’ by PAF-Karachi Institute of Economics and Technology.

It has been said that these systems, like all the other systems can be hacked and fooled too. But it will definitely make things easier for every person in the city.

Further use of technology in Pakistan specifically for security purposes:

Previously, the police of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa launched a mobile application for the people of Peshawar that would identify the location of the crime immediately. This app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store, or from the website of the KP police. Also, the app offers number of all the police stations within the city for emergency purposes.

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