ExxonMobil is an American company signed an agreement a few months back with Pakistan based Oil and Gas company OGDCL. ExxonMobile is looking for huge Oil and Gas reserves in Karachi sea off the coast about 350KM away.

We have been hearing a lot of voices coming from different sections of media. The Oil and Gas reserves are expected to be found soon. Many experts from the oil sector have claimed that those reserves are going to be more than Kuwait produces.

This means Pakistan is on a brink of becoming 6th largest oil producer in the world, not only we will be able to produce will no longer dependent on imports.

Discovery of the oil will save Pakistan billions of dollars and if the government has planned everything accordingly, Pakistan may boost its economic revival.

How we can be so sure that Pakistan is on a verge of discovering that much oil?

Well – Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan has also given the hints many times during public talks with anchors that I will soon give good news to people of Pakistan.

ExxonMobile has contracted with Pakistan’s OGDCL with cost 76$ Million to search for oil reserves. ExxonMobile has already given indications to OGDCL authorities, there are signs of reserves.

They (ExxonMobil) said, when we reached to 3000 meters by drilling, we experienced massive pressure from the drilling spot. Which shows the high percentage of success.

How sure we are?

President Donald Trump has said that relations with Pakistan are now very good, and we look forward to meeting Pakistani authorities soon. That also gives a major hint that Pakistan has something other than Taliban Talk, which interested the American Government to come to the table for the speedy recovery of relations.

What US President Mr. Donald Trump actually said? why the positive move from the white house so soon?

“Pakistan – we’ll be meeting with Pakistan. I think our relationship right now is very good with Pakistan,” Mr Trump said before departing the White House for a visit in Ohio.

What are the criticisms?

Investors are accusing Pakistani authorities to stop spreading unconfirmed reports regarding oil discovery. Investors have also claimed that this might be the government’s trick to attract massive foreign investments. With a similar move in April in Bahrain. When oil minister shaikh Muhammad al-Khalifa announced in its statements.

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