KARACHI: Swedish financial specialist Mattias Martinsson said that Pakistanis are among the most intelligent individuals on the planet while was talking on Pakistani National Television.

Pakistan’s forte is its kin. Many individuals need to buckle down and get instruction. They will turn out to be essential resources for the nation, he commented.

Mattias Martinsson pictures in Pakistan. Photo: courtesy Mattias Martinsson

His contribution in the Pakistan securities exchange bears demonstration of the remote speculators’ trust on the nation’s market.

In 2011, when nobody was eager to put resources into Pakistani market it was Martinsson who set up the nation’s first foreign equity fund.

No financial specialist was ready to put resources into the value finance, however Martinson and his accomplice put a million dollars into it. Today, the reserve is worth $100 million.

He commented that he has been working with Pakistan securities exchange since 2005. “It has impressed me a lot.”

“I think differently from the rest. Don’t pay attention to what the other investors are thinking. Pakistan is one of the most important markers,” he said.

Pakistan’s market can possibly advance as much as Indian market. Be that as it may, numerous financial specialists still shudder at the possibility of putting resources into Pakistan. On the off chance that they begin contributing, then the equity fund would be  worth significantly more, he included.

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