Patagonia: A land for true explorers!


A group of 4 people, started their journey to Chile to document the untamed area known as the “Greater Patagonian Trail”, which is the longest continual trail network in South America. The crew explored the land unaided for 4 months.

Their only objective is to somehow bring this not-so-familiar place into everyone’s account and preserve and maintain the rivers and landscapes of this breathtaking yet wild place.

Meanwhile, the bunch of four people went through many hardships and discovered the most mesmerizing places we have never seen..

The daring adventure took them through snow-capped mountains, dense forests, active volcanoes, barren desserts, and everything that came their way.

“The film focuses on discovering the indescribable factors of the region, learning the history and culture of the people living amongst the Andes, and bringing to light the incredible beauty of the area – all in an effort to help raise awareness of the need to preserve this untamed, but the delicate environment. A portion of the film’s proceeds will go towards environmental organizations in Chile to help protect and maintain the rivers and landscapes in this unique part of the world.” – said by one of the crew members on Kickstarter.

Garrett (producer/director) and his crew are now at stalemate stage where they’re incapable of self-funding for this film. They need money to finish and distribute this documentary.
So head to Kickstarter and back this project now!
Because the film has much more than you think!

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