If you’re living in a remotely populated area, you likely know how important it is to own a car. Moving around at your own leisure is basically 101 of being able to live your everyday life. This becomes especially important if you live at point A and work at point B that’s sometimes even 15 miles away.

Unfortunately, we also live in a world where many are struggling with money and naturally, you need money to buy a car. So we decided to search for a couple of apps that might help you get the car you need sooner without having to go through the complicated bureaucracy. We located a handy list of top 10 car apps for calculating car cost which was quite useful to help us filter out 3 we think are the best. In case you want to check other apps later, we’ll share the link so you can explore a bit more after you finish with our article.

Top 10 Apps for Calculating Car Cost

Now, without prolonging any further, here are our top 3 picks to help you buy a car.

AutoScout24 – Find the Car You Want

Although the budget is a crucial factor when it comes to buying a car, it definitely isn’t the only one. What’s great about AutoScout is that it has plenty of options to filter out exactly the car you’re looking for. You can filter both used and new cars by CO2 amount, gas expenses, insurance and everything else you find is important. Although it has many filters, the app is still pretty intuitive to use even on a mobile phone. Overall, a great tool to start scouting for interesting cars.

Although the app has an option to favorite cars which comes quite in handy when initially searching, you can’t filter the favorite list. If you ever created a favorite list you know how messy it can get, so it would be really useful to either filter or sort them in one way or the other. It’s not a big overlook, but something that could easily improve the overall experience of car shopping.

TrueCar – Compare Different Cars

TrueCar is another great app for buying cars and the great feature about this one is the quick ability to compare prices. You also get pictures, statistics and you can go even deeper by answering a couple of questions. While AutoScout is great for filtering by car features, TrueCar does an amazing job at comparing detailed information about the cars we all find extremely important. Finally, you can filter local dealerships and instantly find out their location if you want to check cars in person.

One unpleasant experience we had using this app that about 3 days after searching, we got a call from some random dealership. It happened only once and the call was nothing worth mentioning, but still – the call came in. After that, we had no similar situations so we don’t think you have to worry about that and you can use the great features of this app as much as you want.

AutoGravity – Get an Affordable Loan

If there’s one thing nobody likes about loans is the time it takes to get one and the sheer amount of paperwork. That, and getting the money you don’t own in the first place. Nevertheless, sometimes you just have to do it, but that doesn’t mean you need to endure the extra pain of waiting. AutoGravity focuses on car loans so they made sure to make the experience as painless as possible. In some occasions, it took us only around 45 minutes to get approved for a loan. Naturally, this depends on how well your financial status is, but if one thing is sure, you’ll at least save time searching for different companies since they are all in one place. Trust us, that’s already a huge help.

Although the library is great, we think they could do a better job of making the search a bit easier. Sometimes we’d just get lost in inputting all the data we’d forget why we started in the first place. Again, same as with the first app, it’s not big of a deal, but since car buying is often a stressful experience, it should at least make the small things easier.


Buying a car is never easy, but it can be easier than you think. We think the 3 apps listed here can help you if you’re truly looking to buy a vehicle. Just remember to do your research and be honest with your financing and everything will go much smoother.

We hope the tools provided will help you not just get a car you want at a cheaper price but also get it faster so you can start driving as soon as possible.

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