People are making jokes about Apple’s new Homepod


Many people think that Apple’s new Homepod looks a lot like a toilet paper or a marshmallow.

Apple launched a new smart home speaker in its biggest conference WWDC on Monday. This product competes with the Amazon and Google, which each have similar products for sale.

Apple’s $350 Homepod contains rich audio quality of sonos speaker with the intelligence of its virtual assistant, Siri. The device can do all the work from playing your favorite music to dimming the lights of your room – just by talking to you.

The real competition among Amazon, Google and Apple is yet to start. Its design is unique plus funny in a way which arouse people to make jokes about it.

Here take a look at some of the funny tweets about Homepod:

This guy is also resembling the homepad with toilet papers.

This guy disguised his Amazon Echo Smart Speaker as Homepad – which looks exactly like toilet papers.

People even made fun of Homepad’s internal hardware

This guy nailed it. He pointed out the missed opportunity in naming the new device.


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