As per Uber new drivers policies, there’s going to be less canceled rides.


The Uber new drivers policies are convenient for both the passengers and the drivers.

Usually, drivers cancel the long trip if they can’t make it and hence it makes the passenger paranoid.

According to Uber’s “180 days of change” initiative, drivers will get more flexibility that will assist both the passengers and the drivers.

Now the workers will be notified first whenever the trip is going to take 45 mins or longer, and if it won’t be feasible for them then they’ll cancel the trip outright without letting you know it. This way, the passengers won’t have to deal with “ride has canceled” notification over and over again.

Furthermore, the drivers will now be able to set the arrival time for their destinations, so they don’t miss their appointments. Plus they can have up to six destinations per day instead of a mere two. They can even switch to UberEats if they don’t wanna stuck proving services.

Since Travis Kalanick has been dismissed as the CEO of Uber, it is being noted that the company is trying much harder this time to improve its services.

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