Pholio backs up all your photos and videos automatically once connected to your computer


Pholio is a new device that can back up your data specifically pictures and videos automatically once connected to your computer.

The device makes your stored date searchable, which has made it a rival to Google.

The device has built-in algorithms that can locate specific photos you search for, based on 20,000 built-in descriptions. You can also customize and train the software to use new descriptors, too, wrote The Verge.

You can store photos in full resolution as well as can store them in 3-4 MBs & 720p for videos.

“With the growing volume of data coming from imaging and connected devices in the home there is a critical need for local processing and control. This will save cloud streaming costs, increase response speeds, and provide choices that don’t require handing over control of your data,” said Simon Randall, CEO of Pholio.

Pholio comes in 2 version, one has 500GB and the pro version contains 2 TB of storage. And allows browsing on tablets, PCs/MAC, and smartphones and encrypted services will be available anytime soon.

You can get its standard model at a discounted price of £199 or $262, expected to be delivered in March 2018. Whereas, in case of early delivery, the price goes up to £299 or $394.

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