Pi: A device that can charge your phone wirelessly from a short distance


Pi is the first company which has rolled out a device that can charge your phone wirelessly.

The device is called “Pi” that looks like a Lampshade and uses resonant induction which is the same technology that Qi uses. It also uses a special beamforming algorithm that lets them shape and direct magnetic fields around the device, Engadget wrote.

Macdonald and his business partner Lixin Shi, said that you can charge your phone just by placing it on the foot of the device. It can charge 4 phones at the same time in full speed from 12 inches or away. If a number of phone increases, it will slow down but will certainly charge more than one watt of current does.

Macdonald and Shi plan on selling the Pi charger as a standalone product, but they’re also talking to partners about possibly integrating the technology in other devices, reported by Engadget.

If you want your own Pi, then head to its website and the first 314 buyers will get the $50 discount.

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