The “PlayerUnknown’s Battleground” is earning in millions and it isn’t even officially launched yet!


The PlayerUnknown’s Battleground by Bluehole has become the talk of the town long before its official launch. The game is earning in millions and has raised over $150 dollars in revenue. It is yet to be finished but already has been played by 6 million people so far.

It is an upgraded version of the “PlayerUnknown” developed by Brenden with new extraordinary animations.

When you’ll know the whole story of “Battlegrounds”, you’ll definitely gonna relate it to the “Hunger Games” but the game is inspired by Japanese dystopian action film “Battle Royale”.
Now a little background. It’s the journey that starts with 100 people who are abandoned on an island with arms, clothes and other important equipments.

Whoever survives at the end will be the PlayerUnknown! Remember, there has to be only one person left.

In case you haven’t watched “Battle Royale” it’s okay, but if you haven’t seen the “Hunger Games” then well.. *No comments!*

How this all starts?

You’re on a plane with other 99 people, jumping off the plane anywhere anytime is up to you. Just know as you jump off, the countdown to your death begins. The island is going to be unpopulated and will have only those 100 people who jumped off the plane before or after you. The whole region has plenty of weapons and ammunition.

As soon as you land on the island, you’re supposed to select your weapons and hide somewhere before anyone shoots you. Of course, your weapons will be finished time to time so yeah, stay conscious, stay safe, kill your opponents and do collect weapons that the island has to offer you.

Obviously, the other players are also planning your death so play clean and stay safe.

People are going crazy over this game because it’s fun to play but it’s also fun to watch. It will be launched officially by the end of 2017 and will be given to Xbox One as soon as it is out. Don’t worry PS4 gamers, it will also be on PlayStation 4 soon.

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