Virtual Reality is now thing, and everyone is utilising it in one way or another. A theme park at Florida has taken VR to the next level.

SeaWorld Orlando has started a new version of its most popular ride, Kraken, which is transformed from an old roller-coaster ride into a latest cutting-edge VR ride. It might not be the park’s longest or tallest ride, but it is definitely the most fun one.

Kraken Unleashed, America’s first VR ride, will give you an enthralling sensation as you plunge deep into the mysterious waters to explore 3D terrifying creatures.

As soon as the riders will board the roller-coaster, they will have the option to put retrofitted virtual-reality headsets on.

As they will embark on a journey through the deep waters, they will hear the music composed for the ride. The riders will encounter deep sea world amid mystical and historical creatures.

Take a look closer of Kraken Unleashed VR experience:

Video Credits: Inside the Magic

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