Life on earth depends on water, water H2O has been on earth from billions of years and scientists has presented theories that how that happened under big bang in the universe.

How long we can survive without rains?

Rain is essential for human life and for all living organisms, animals, birds, and plants. Humans can grow crops, crops require rain, but most importantly, in the essence of rain, ground tap fills which ultimately benefits all living.

Desert wildflowers

As per scientific theory, rain started to fall on the earth around some 2.5 billion years ago and Antartica is considered as the least raining place on earth.

What is the first thing which will be affected by rain? the answer to the question is quite interesting.
Would there be anything left and only dusty shells will be left or there will be a sign of life anyway?
The answer is, at first nothing will seem problematic, everything will be normal, as there is 72% of the earth consist of water. but water is not endless.

Nearly more than 577,060 cubic meters of water evaporates every year. without rain to replenish, our oceans and rivers would start to dry, until there is no water left.

Let’s suppose a world without rain!

For starters, it would not be green for very long, without rain all vegetation will die out. vegetables and fruits will be no more. This complicates the situation for You Know! pretty much for every living thing and animals without anything to eat will starve to death.

Without herbivores without meat will start to die also, without oceans marine life will cease to exist, at this point the humans will have nothing to eat.

Without water, a person can live little more than a 3-days. Even if humans stocked a lot of water, it is still not enough and will die of dehydration. if the rain totally stops, the diseases will spread more quickly across the globe.

Without plants the carbon dioxide into oxygen, there will be no oxygen to breathe, all forms of life on earth will start to die off. Without trees, which protects us by blocking winds, storms and control temperature on earth, then the temperature will rise alarmingly. The temperature will annually increase around 5-degree centigrade, Our world will take a course towards a fire.

Our world will take on a reddish tint, the dust will cover the top mountains, as we discussing the mars.

Remarkably, this wouldn’t be the end of all life on earth, what do you think what will be left? which living thing or organism? furious?

There are micro-organisms, extremophiles, which evolved in harsh conditions and is capable to live without water, and maybe, these extremophiles will evolve into another creature, and who knows what it will look like? Well, no one knows right now for sure.

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