9to5mac remarked in their review collection that TechCrunch said the latest iPhone 8 Plus is all about its camera, and CNET’s senior photographer James Martin decided to test it thoroughly. He spent three days shooting more than 2,000 images before giving his final reviews about the camera.

I set out on an adventure in and around San Francisco, CNET’s hometown, to capture the city’s eclectic mix of architecture, landmarks and natural beauty — testing a range of lighting conditions, photography modes and filters.

I boated on San Francisco Bay, fished on Ocean Beach, biked around Angel Island and walked through Chinatown with the soon-to-be-released iPhone 8 Plus in hand …

Martin says that the result impressed him.

More than 2,000 photos later, I feel like I have a good sense of what this new camera can do. I’m definitely impressed […]

My photos look just as my eye had seen them. The images are as detailed as I remember them.

The colors are vibrant and true to life, allowing the images to pop with the clarity of a good memory. San Francisco’s natural beauty glows, the rust in abandoned buildings is warm with history, and the waters of the San Francisco Bay are blue and crisp. The pictures really do tell the story.

He captures a whole range of different types of photographs, and give a verdict back about how well the camera worked.

But it was the headline image, above, that caught the attention. This is the type of low-light shot that usually requires a camera with a large sensor and a long exposure at low ISO.

Though iPhone 8 is not perfect. One of the 9to5mac’s photographer took the similar picture with his DSLR. In comparison, you can still see some noise, however, it’s still close to perfect.

Here’s a direct comparison between the iPhone 8 Plus shot (top) and the DSLR version.


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