Proterra: An electric bus is setting incredible records of 1,102 miles on a single charge.


Proterra has rolled out the world’s fastest electric bus with catalyst E2 max that can go 1,102.2 miles on a single charge.

The test was confirmed by Proterra and was conducted at Navistar proving grounds in Indiana.

“For our heavy-duty electric bus to break the previous world record of 1,013.76 miles — which was set by a light-duty passenger EV 46 times lighter than the Catalyst E2 max — is a major feat,”  said by Matt Horton, Proterra’s chief commercial officer.

The E2 max even hides a 660KWH battery in a 40-foot bus.

“Early electric bus adopters like our first customer, Foothill Transit, have paved the way for future heavy-duty applications, like motor coaches and commercial truck,” Proterra CEO Ryan Popple said. “As we see incumbents and more companies enter the heavy-duty EV market, it has become very apparent that the future is all-electric, and the sun is setting on combustion engine technology.”

In southern California, the company has also agreed to supply Foothill Transit with a 35-foot model that gives 35-mile range and can be recharged in 10 minutes, according to the Los Angeles Times. 

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