One can’t challenge Pakistanis when it comes to “memes,” and we take full pride in declaring ourselves as memes generating nation.

Let’s talk about another important thing that is flooding all over our newsfeed except for memes is, Pakistan Super League. And when two favourite things of this nation are combined together, it’s bound to make headlines. You guessed it right, PSL memes, these memes aren’t your basic memes, they have humour, passion for cricket and huge relateable content that only Pakistanis can understand.
The beautiful combination of cricket and humour produces PSL 2018 memes, which later floods your newsfeed.

Let’s appreciate some super-awesome PSL memes from PSL 2018:

Even though there are tons of memes surfing on social media wesbites, we have collected some of the best memes from the treasure.

Here are best PSL memes from the third edition of Pakistan Super League.

And yes, Rana Sahab memes are included as well. We can’t ignore the meme legend.


  1. Umar Akmal is a meme content FOREVER!


2. Lahore Qalandars is out but memes won’t stop

3. Wahab Riaz VS Michelle Johnson

3. Ronaldo VS Imad Wasim

3. Oh politics.. 

5. Rana Sahab is king of PSL memes!

6. Hello Haters


The awesome PSL 2018 memes creators gear-up as soon the league starts:

The third edition of PSL is coming to its end. PSL Final 2018 is about to happen in Karachi, the crowd, players, organisers, authorities all are ready to end this event in a memorable way but some other important people are way more excited than the people mentioned above. PSL 2018 memes generators are a bunch of those people who are super-excited to give us more amazing memes, these people own the social media platform like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter by throwing awesome memes as soon as the match ends.
We bet they are planning to throw more awesome stuff after PSL Final.


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