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It’s time to agree that Psl news can easily out-shine any big news in Pakistan, right now. And no event is going to get the slightest limelight like PSL final 2018 is getting!

The most awaited event of 2018 is just around the corner. And for Karachites, it’s really near! Because, the grand event, PSL Final 2018 is happening in the grand city, Karachi!

Being a Karachiite, my excitement can be measured by the number of exclamation marks I’m going use in this article!

Just to justify the use of excessive exclamation marks,  we (people of Karachi) are super-excited, cricket-loving and enthusiastic kind of people. And with this mega event coming to our home city, has doubled our excitement.

PSL Final 2018 tickets were sold in just six hours:

Like I said, excitement and enthusiasm when mixed with a passion for cricket, the ultimate Karachite is made.

PSL Final 2018 tickets which were being sold online and at the courier service, were sold out within six hours.

And that isn’t something unusual as the hype and excitement were at its peak from the first day when Karachi was announced as the chosen city for PSL 2018 Final!

The tickets costing Rs. 1000/- and Rs. 4000/- were sold out within two hours. All the tickets costing at Rs. 8000/- and Rs. 12000/- were brought within the next four hours.

Which two teams are going to entertain us at PSL Final 2018?

PSL tickets that were sold within six hours frustrated the cricket lovers who couldn’t manage to buy those tickets.

“We want tickets! We want tickets!” this chant was coming out of those deprived cricket fans.

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Nevertheless, the lucky Karachiites who are going to witness the final match at the National Stadium, Karachi, have high hopes for the future competing teams.

As we know Islamabad United, title holder of PSL 2016, made its way to final after defeating Karachi Kings in their playoff match.

Now rest of three teams, Peshawar Zalmi, Karachi Kings and Quetta Gladiators will fight against each other to make their way in the Final and play against Islamabad United.

We bet it’s going to be one exciting day for all of us but before the big day, entertain yourself with some PSL memes

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