The winner of PSL first edition and title holder of PSL second edition will fight for the title of PSL third edition.

All bad things that happened last night for Karachi Kings, in PSL semi-final 2018:

Yesterday was a nightmare that came true for supporters and franchise of Karachi Kings. Unlikely to its performance in last two edition of Pakistan Super League, Karachi Kings played pretty well this season. Its fans and supporters were confident about the team making to the finals.
And the confidence was doubled when Karachi was announced as the city that will host PSL Final.
Unfortunately, last night’s match just proved all assumptions, hopes and speculations wrong.

Highlights of PSL semi-final: Kamran Akmal’s bat turned into a score making machine

Like we said, yesterday’s match was a nightmare for Karachi Kings and the main culprit behind hundred of heartbreaks was, none other than, Kamran Akmal.

Kamran Akmal, the batsman from Zalmi’s side, performed exceptionally well for his team. He scored the fastest half-century in PSL history as well,  good 50 runs were made by him in just 17 deliveries.
A record-breaking score of Akmal,  77 runs out of 27 deliveries, proved to Peshawar Zalmi’s reason to win.

Peshawar Zalmi’s 171- run target for Karachi Kings, proved to be the nerve-breaking point for Karachi King’s bowlers in PSL semi-final:

Karachi King’s batsmen tried to fight back, Babar Azam’s 63 runs out of 43 deliveries couldn’t make up for the bowlers’ failed performance.

The local saying came true as ‘Karachi Kings is out of the final but PSL final is in Karachi’ :

The series of internet trolling began as soon as Karachi Kings was out of the tournament.
A local saying was widely shared on social media sites just to troll the fans and supporters of Karachi Kings, the saying goes like:
Final Karachi mein hoga magr Karachi Final me nhi hoga.”
Which roughly means that PSL Final is going to be in Karachi but Karachi (the franchise) is not going to play in final.

Well, this might hurt KK fans a little, but these PSL memes and trolls are just too hilarious.  


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