People in Puerto Rico have no access to clean water three weeks after the Hurricane Maria.

It has been reported that authorities are pumping out contaminated water from a well situated at a waste site.

The 35% of Puerto Rico’s population aren’t granted with food, clean water, and electricity after the devastating Hurricane Maria.

The US Environmental Agency said the site contained harmful chemicals like tetrachloroethylene and trichloroethylene. And exposure to these chemicals include high risks of cancer and liver damage.

The EPA also said that it is not yet confirmed whether the chemicals were present in the well or not, and to be mindful of it, the agency will conduct tests as soon as possible.

“The EPA is gathering more information about the quality of water from the wells associated with our Dorado groundwater contamination site, as well as other Superfund sites in Puerto Rico,” EPA’s statement reads. “some of these wells are sometimes used to provide drinking water.”

Further it reads, it is “concerned that people could be drinking water that may be contaminated, depending on the well. We are mindful of the paramount job of protecting people’s health, balanced with people’s basic need for water.”

Meanwhile, people are forced to drink water from it because they’re left with no other choice.

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