People in China are really into QR codes.

A village in northern China has formed a giant QR code made of maze-like trimmed trees, in an attempt to promote local tourism.

As per a report by a Chinese state media outlet,  People’s DailyThe Xilinshui, a village in Hebei utilized 130,000 Chinese juniper trees to make the square code, which covers 227m (744 ft) each side.

Aerial photos taken on September 13, 2017 show a giant QR code in Xilinshui Village of Baoding, north China’s Hebei Province. The QR code publicizing local tourism is formed from 130,000 Chinese juniper trees.
(Xinhua/Wang Xiao)

But the most important question clearly is: Can the code really be scanned?

Well, according to Mashable, when they tried scanning the code, it wouldn’t work. But after brightening the picture, it actually did!

This is how bright the image needs to be for it to work

After scanning it, you’ll get taken to Xilinshui’s official tourism page on China’s biggest messaging app, WeChat.

According to the news outlet, the QR code is designed to be scanned from the air when people fly over. But that surely needs a clear, sunny weather with quick reflexes.



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