We wouldn’t have believed the real wonders of science until it allowed us to take control of everything in our own hands. Who would have imagined this ‘taking control in own hands’ will actually get real.

To help control freaks live their dream scientists developed ultrathin electronic skin tattoos that can help control physical and virtual objects with mere hand gestures. The absolutely thin, near to invisible sticker that sticks to the palm like a second layer of skin, have sensors which will provide people with a sixth sense for magnetic fields.

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These tattoo stickers will allow people to manipulate everyday objects and control appliances both in home/kitchen and in virtual or augmented reality with mere gestures, just like what we do with our smartphones. Upon demonstration, researchers revealed that the ultrathin, compliant magnetic field sensors in combination with a permanent magnet would be able to sense and process body motion in a room.

Testing the technique, researchers controlled a virtual light bulb on a computer screen without touching it. To perform this practical, they set a permanent magnet in a ring-shaped plastic structure emulating a dial. Afterwards, they associated the angle between the wearable sensor and the magnetic source with a control parameter which modulated the intensity of the light bulb.


The amazing tattoo has many potential applications in the security industry and, yes sci-fi movies too!

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