We all know that one of the most frustrating things about being an iPhone user is having to deal with constantly running out of storage space. Then going through the tedious process of deleting hundreds of pictures only to get the same notification a little while later!

But don’t you feel like these days this is coming up a little too often?  If so, you’re not imagining it: The storage space on your iPhone simply doesn’t go as far as it once did.

According to Sensor Tower, a mobile analytics firm, the most common apps on the iphone are about 12 times bigger in memory than they used to be in 2013.

Taking the example of Facebook, which comes in first with a download size of 388 MB compared to its size of 32MB back in 2013. Infact, one single update a few months back bumped up the size by 100MB.

Another example is of Snapchat, the app was launched with a size of just 4MB in 2013. Now, four years later, the app takes up 203MB on your mobile phone.

However it’s not just social media apps that are taking up a ridiculous amount of space, gaming apps are also to blame. Games like Candy Crush, have increased their size from 48 MB to 223 MB this year. It’s not just game updates though, games in general are more graphically intensive making their download sizes bigger than they ever were before.

Luckily, Apple is launching features that will allow us to reduce the size of photos and videos and allowing us to remove old apps while offering users the choice to keep all their data. Where they will keep the settings and preferences and delete the app, to allow them to pick up where they left off if they ever want to download it back.

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