6 Reasons Why Intelligent People Are Unhappy - Happiness Guide
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Happiness is a deep felt emotion that is actually quite necessary for a human being to live a good life. From health to mental stability, happiness has a vital role everywhere. It is also needed to make a successful life. Keeping it short, happiness is a good thing and good vibes are highly important for you and for everyone you love and care about. So much so, many people intelligent people don’t find funny jokes funny.

It is often seen that highly intelligent and deep thinking people are unhappy. There are six reasons why happiness is a rare emotion in intelligent people.

  1. They are never satisfied.

Highly intelligent people have high standards, and they are never satisfied with their achievements, rewards, relationships or anything in their life. They unrealistically aim for perfection, and when they see the reality of this world, it ultimately puts them in a great deal of disappointment.

2. They overnanalyze things.

Overthinking is dangerous and takes all of your energy out, especially when it comes to making decisions. People overanalyze the consequences which don’t even exist there in the first place which ultimately results in¬†wrong conclusions.

3. They are way too hard on themselves.

The flashbacks to the past mistakes, or any bad memory can evoke their feelings of guilt, fear or negative emotions. They often bring out things to blame themselves for it.

4. They are often far away from reality.

Highly intelligent people always think something bigger, and sometimes that bigger is far from reality. A successful leader always befriends reality.

5. They often misperceive.

People with high IQs have a lack of deep communication and understanding. They often think that others might not understand their views and ideas.

6. They suffer from psychological problems.

Many studies have linked psychiatric disorders to those who are highly intelligent. And the ones who don’t suffer from any mental disorders are likely to suffer from existential depression because they over think everything in depth.

Also, try to travel often as it can bring the element of happiness in your life.

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