After going through the serious blow of battery explosion last year, the Note brand is still going strong. The company today revealed that the number of customers in the US pre-ordered the Note 8 is higher than any other Notes it has ever sold in previous years during the same time period.

The Samsung’s flagship smartphone went live on August 24th for pre-orders. The Note 8 is one of Samsung’s most expensive smartphones till the date, starting at $930. Realising the high price tag, Samsung did attempt to offset that price tag with some pre-sale offers. Preorders before September 24th are eligible for a choice of a Gear 360 camera or a wireless charging bundle, and Note 7 owners were offered a steep discount if they traded in their current device for the Note 8. Carriers like T-Mobile have also offered their own deals, enticing customers to sign up for a new line and to get a full rebate on a second Note 8.

Although Samsung did not specify the stats for a clear picture of how many Note 8 pre-orders it has received so far, judging that how popular Note 7s were last year before everything went down, it seems that little has deterred Note fans from upgrading — not even the price tag. Samsung also did not comment on how Note 8 preorders compared to its Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus launches from earlier this year.

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