This time the leakage news is of nonother than the leader of smartphones, Apple. The company kept working on the redesigning of their phones. But this time the fans know before they should. It’s quite rare to see iPhones being leaked but that’s what it is.

A renowned industry insider, Steve Hemmerstoffer just recently revealed through his Twitter account what Apple fans didn’t know about. The biggest change that is not yet found in any iPhone will be here in 2019.

What Renders say About the Camera?

The big news is all about a new iPhone, most probably iPhone XI. Apple is working on a triple rear camera in iPhones which is totally different from what they have been working up till now.

From another famous site, it is revealed earlier that Apple is working on long distance Time of Flight (ToF) technology, that is the long distance camera having 3D feature. With this technology, the upcoming generations of iPhones will be able to come up with 3D maps within five meters.

Furthermore, Steve Hemmerstoffer enlightened the stage these iPhone XI (Most probably) are going through. And the design is yet not finalized as the phone is at Engineering Validation Test (EVT) stage and changes can be seen in the near future.

The leak is not from one resource only, but Ice Universe, another big hit validated the leak. Both the resources have a solid past history of giving information that later became accurately on point. Which means the triple-rear camera with the three lenses, flash, and microphone placed inside a square is what we’re going to see in future.

The confusion found is just Apple is more concerned about the perfect design, the consistent balance. And these triple-rear cameras might be an opposite to that. Apart from this, most chances are these phones will be having Qualcomm’s in-display readers which is common among other competitors too. And the in-display touch ID with 5G support is another guess.

The actual features and specs related information are yet to be confirmed once the phone is launched. And this launch is not known up till now.

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