Samsung is already ahead of others and these smartwatches have started giving an edge. Upon looking over the list of best smartwatches, Samsung will lie to a large extent. And for that, they strive to get better and advanced technology never stops. Just recently Renders have leaked the first possible looks of Samsung Galaxy Sports Smartwatch.

The news was leaked by a trustworthy twitter account OnLeaks. Even the past records of this source have proved to be true. The news is right now based upon the factory data. The idea was caught due to a codename used, Pulse. And the guesses were made that this will be in the queue of Samsung Gear Sport.

The rumors say that it will be available in the market in black, silver, green and pink gold colors. This might be another attraction because mostly these watches are either black or white. The design of bezel displayed now shows that it won’t be having a rotatable option. This is thought because the bezel showed is smooth, unlike previous smartwatches, that had toothed bezels.

Though it was a key which Samsung used to introduce in their watches, making the navigating procedure easy. But we aren’t sure if the same will be witnessed in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Sports Smartwatch or not.

Other Display Specifications:

The strap these smartwatches will be holding might be of silicone or similar, instead of any metal or leather material. This may be will give more sports like the look, at least better than leather or metal. The right edge will also be having two circular buttons, unlike the previous watches, that had rectangular buttons.

When, where, how, all these words are still a question for the fans, as the leaks couldn’t determine the date or event these smartwatches will be launched. But the guesses are made to be launched along with Galaxy S10 or so. Even the name can be changed at the time of launch. Let’s just wait and see when this coming soon actually comes.

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