Since many decades, an argument is going on; whether renting a furnished house is better or buying a property? And, we think, this debate is never going to end. There is not any definite answer.

Either you choose to rent a furnished house/apartment or buy a place to live; both options have their own advantages.

Here are the pros of renting a pre-furnished house vs. buying a property to make the decision easy for you.

The Pros of Renting a Furnished House

1. No Extensive Maintenance

By living in a pre-furnished house/apartment on rent, you get free from the responsibility of maintaining or repairing the house. If the wall cracks or roof leaks, you straight away pick up the phone and call the landlord.

The landlords are in charge of making changes or repairs to the house and keep up the living space.

However, caution is required at the tenant’s part to read the contract completely. Some landlords have secret clauses that allow landlords to charge extra or raise the rent to cover expenses for repairs.

2.Go-To-Live-In Facility

The job nature of some workers requires mobility from city to city and area to area. In such cases, the best option is to rent a house. When you rent a furnished house or studio apartment, it’s easy to move in or move out on short notice. Furnished houses/apartments have the facilities already. You just have to pack your bags and get ready to live in an already decorated property.

3. Pocket Saving Option

One needs the fortune to make a house or buy a plot, which is not possible for every one of us. Rental prices are generally reasonable and don’t make a person broke.

Hundreds of rupees can be saved each year, and you can avail the facility of a well-designed and decorated house/apartment without giving away everything you own.

Thus, without any equipment charges, house insurance, and property tax, one can enjoy living peacefully.


The Pros of Buying a Property

1. It’s a Lifetime Investment

Getting a property is like an investment. It’s going to be yours for the rest of life. If the house is in a prime location, the market price of the house becomes double, and you become the owner of an asset. Just pay the taxes on time, and you’re good to go.

2. The Freedom to Design or Redesign House/Apartment

You can do anything you want with the property you own. Destroy it (it’s a joke), turn it into luxuriant place, hire an interior decorator to give an artistic touch to the house, or design rooms as per your interest; it’s your take.  Either you wish to build another story on top of your roof or change the color of the walls; you don’t need to ask anyone.

3. A Stable Living Place

When you own a property, no one can ask you to leave house/apartment anytime. Either you live in it or sell the place; it’s your choice.  There is nothing like losing money while investing in a property. Moreover, you don’t have any fear of shifting to or finding another place to live unexpectedly. The house is yours to live forever.

Both sides, renting and buying a property, make sense for different scenarios. However, IHA Rent believes, renting a furnished house is a feasible option for anyone. Depending on one’s budget and requirement, everyone can afford accommodation worth living comfortably.

Anyhow, we have mentioned the main positive aspects from both sides; it’s up to you to decide, which one suits your interest the best.

If you favor the option of getting a furnished house on rent, IHA Rent is at your service. Just visit our Facebook page and stay updated.

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