A report suggests that you should change your kitchen sponge every week- Here’s why


The sponges you use to clean your dirty dishes and kitchen are in fact dirtier than toilets.

Researchers conducted a comprehensive experiment related to microbiome by using 14 used sponges. Their analysis revealed that these sponges harbor a whole community of microbes in your kitchen that are unhealthy and disease-ridden.

“Our work demonstrated that kitchen sponges harbor a higher bacterial diversity than previously thought,” the authors wrote.

Some people say that cleaning your sponge in the microwave or in boiling water will kill its germs, well the researchers think otherwise.

They found out that the sponge contains an icky-RG2 bacteria (that’s is responsible for foodborne disease) and therefore it remains unhiegynic even if you clean it in microwave or boiling water.

“From a long-term perspective, sponge sanitation methods appear not sufficient to effectively reduce the bacterial load in kitchen sponges and might even increase the shares of RG2-related bacteria,” the authors wrote.

They also recommend to “put it in a little bleach solution” after every use but still they cannot tell how much effective it would be.

However, Philip Tierno, a microbiologist, emphasized on changing the sponges every week. He told Business Insider, “suggest a regular (and easily affordable) replacement of kitchen sponges, for example, on a weekly basis,” according to the research.

So in order to stay healthy, keep your kitchen clean and sponges even cleaner!

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