Retro Typewriter – Style Keyboard Evokes Nostalgic Memories


This new Bluetooth keyboard is called Penna, a Kickstarter project from a company called Elretron. The old-time typewriter is upgraded to a moderan-day Bluetooth keyboard.

The Penna comes in two forms: the far more pleasant looking (however probably harder to sort on) chrome-edged round  keycaps, and also a more ordinary square-shaped versions. . The mechanical switches offer a choice between Cherry MX Blue, Red, or Brown options

An intriguing piece that emerges on the Penna is the lever on the side, which would for the most part be utilized for moving the paper up a line and restoring the carriage back to the start on a real typewriter . it’s a programmable macro that can save buttons or even whole words and phrases for quick use.

The penna connects over Bluetooth and claims to be compatible with IOS, Windows, and other Android devices. It contains AA batteries instead of rechargeable ones. The battery lasts for six months on standby but there’s no life given when in use.

It is worth remembering that Elretron is a first-time company that is never sent an item, in spite of the fact that the company as of now has working models and claims to be prepared for large scale manufacturing taking after crowdfunding.

The Penna is available on Kickstarter for $99.

Watch the video on the link below:

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